Q - Why does it say that no recording is allowed on some of your tours? What if I want to go back and remember? 


A - This may seem like it's not that big of a deal but our members have over 300 hours of research into the history that we have found. While the information is out there for all to find we put in the time and effort to do so. If we allow that information to get out that will ruin our product. It also opens up others to start tours on our hard work. We hope you understand why we ask. We will never sue you and we have never told anyone that. If we catch you recording we will usually just ask you to delete it. If you refuse we will politely ask you to leave.


Q - Can we investigate inside?


A - Sadly, the majority of the properties that we visit are private property and the owners do not want us to go inside. There are a couple of stops during our tours on public property where you can look around. We do offer private ghost tours via JeffCityParanormal.com but they are unrelated to the City Tours. 


Q - Can I drink while on tours or come after drinking?


A - No. It's not that we don't want you to enjoy yourselves. We really want you to! The City of Jefferson has not only open containers laws but also Drunk in Public laws. By allowing those to be broken unchecked we risk losing our business license. If you feel like you would rather go into one of our fine libation establishments for a drink you will not be allowed to rejoin the tour. Enjoy the rest of your night and please drive safe. 


Q - Do you really donate to charity?


A - Yes! We donate $1 from all tours to the Historic City of Jefferson Association a non-profit. We also donate $1 from all tickets to a rotating charity. The charity of choice is changed each month and all local non-profits are encouraged to request our fundraising efforts!  Our only requirement is the possession of 501(c)3 status or something similar. 


Q - Where should we park?


A - We meet just South of the Missouri Capitol on West High Street. There is public parking on West High Street, on Capitol Avenue (around the Capitol itself), and throughout downtown Jefferson City. There is a parking garage that is free during our operation hours on Madison Ave which is a flat walk from the start of our tours. If you elect to park in the garage please give yourself enough time to walk to the start of the tour. We do end near the parking garage and encourage you to park there.


Q - What if I am late? 


A - Due to demand and customer feedback we start our tours at exactly the times listed. If you are late you are more than welcome to catch up with our group. Unless it is an Extreme Tour we are on High Street, Madison St, or Capital Ave.


Q - I can't go or I have changed my mind can I get a refund?


A - Due to industry standards and the fees associated with refunds we are unable to offer them all of the time. If you are unable to make your tour you are not only allowed, but encouraged to sell or transfer your tickets to anyone you wish. 


Q - Can I bring a friend who hasn't paid?


A - No. When we start the tour anyone who has not paid for a ticket is asked to keep 150 feet of distance from our tour. Anyone who breaks this is asked to leave. If it continues the Jefferson City Police Department may become involved. 


Q - Am I safe?


A - The overall answer to this question is yes. Downtown Jefferson City, MO is one of the safest areas in the state. We enjoy not only the Jefferson City Police Department HQ but the Cole County Sheriffs Department HQ as well. Part of our tour actually occurs on the Sheriff's Department property. With that being said if you feel the need to exercise your Second Amendment Rights we will completely support you in that decision. 


Q - Are kids allowed on your ghost and extreme tours?


A - Yes kids are allowed on our tours. However, we do note that there are several instances that involve young children and some of our stories are beyond gruesome. We do not allow anyone 17 or under on the tour without a supervising adult for insurance purposes. Please note that sometimes vulgar or derogatory language is used as part of the tour. 


Q - Are you affiliated or a part of the MSP Tours?


A - We are NOT affiliated or linked to the official Missouri State Penitentiary Tours. We do not offer tours of the prison or speak of its history itself. Please visit missouripentours.com if you wish to take their amazing tour! We highly recommend these tours and look forward to more investigations there ourselves.